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Literature Across Cultures: 2009 MLA Update (5th Edition) by Longman
With classic and contemporary selections by authors from a wide range of racial and ethnic groups, Literature Across Cultures, 2009 MLA Update 5/e introduces the reader to important literary works and helps readers explore critical themes of our times, such as gender and identity, the effects of... Priced at around US$119.00 only.

Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing by Prentice Hall
Priced at around US$66.70 only.

Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing, Portable Edition (12th Edition) by Longman
Literature, Portable Edition, 12/e, features four lightweight, paperback volumes—Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing—packed in a slipcase.    The most popular Literature anthology continues to bring students the finest literature from fables to poetweets.  The Twelfth Edition of... Priced at around US$128.60 only.

Literature and the Writing Process, Backpack Edition (Myliteraturelab) by Longman
Literature and the Writing Process Backpack Edition combines the best elements of a literature anthology with those of a handbook to guide students through the interrelated process of analytical reading and critical writing. Text writing assignments use literature as a tool of critical... Priced at around US$75.00 only.

A Handbook to Literature (12th Edition) by Longman
The definitive  reference on literature in English, this handbook provides an alphabetical listing of more than 2,000 important terms and facts in literature, linguistics, rhetoric, criticism, printing, bookselling, and information technology.  The Web site ( offers a... Priced at around US$69.40 only.

Literature and Spirituality (The Essential Literature Series) by Longman
Literature and Spirituality is part of Longman's The Essential Literature Series.  This book takes the reader on a literary spritiual journal through diverse works of literature.  This anthology of literary works gives a taste of some of the ways writers have explored, shared, dismissed, or... Priced at around US$35.20 only.

Literature Circles: Voice and Choice in Book Clubs and Reading Groups by Stenhouse Publishers
What do we know about literature circles now that we didn't understand eight or ten years ago? What new resources and procedures can help teachers organize their classroom book clubs better? What are the most common pitfalls in implementing student-led discussion groups? And getting beyond the... Priced at around US$26.00 only.

Literature to Go by Bedford/St. Martin's
Drawn from our best-selling anthology, The Bedford Introduction to Literature, Literature to Go is a brief and inexpensive collection of stories, poems, and plays supported by the superior instruction you expect from a Michael Meyer anthology. With literature from many periods, cultures, and...

The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Vol. 1 (Shorter Eighth Edition) by Nina Baym
The most trusted anthology for complete works, balanced selections, and helpful editorial apparatus.The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Shorter Eighth Edition, features a diverse and balanced variety of works and thorough but judicious editorial apparatus throughout. The new edition, which...

Literature for Nonhumans (New Orleans Review 40.1 and 40.2) by Loyola University, New Orleans
New Orleans Review is a premier literary journal published by Loyola University of New Orleans.

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