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Cracking the AP English Literature & Composition Exam, 2015 Edition (College Test Preparation) by Princeton Review
EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SCORE A PERFECT 5. Equip yourself to ace the AP English Literature & Composition Exam with The Princeton Review's comprehensive study guide—including thorough content reviews, targeted strategies for every question type, and 2 full-length practice tests with complete... Priced at around US$18.00 only.

Literature and the Writing Process (10th Edition) by Longman
Literature and the Writing Process combines the best elements of a literature anthology with those of a handbook to guide students through the interrelated process of analytical reading and critical writing. Text writing assignments use literature as a tool of critical thought, a method for... Priced at around US$110.40 only.

Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing, Compact Edition (5th Edition) by Longman
Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing, Compact Edition is founded on the principles of writing about literature.  It is not an afterthought and it is not treated as a separate chapter or appendix; but rather, it is the carefully integrated philosophy of Professor Roberts’... Priced at around US$103.40 only.

Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing, Portable Edition (12th Edition) by Longman
Literature, Portable Edition, 12/e, features four lightweight, paperback volumes—Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing—packed in a slipcase.    The most popular Literature anthology continues to bring students the finest literature from fables to poetweets.  The Twelfth Edition of... Priced at around US$128.60 only.

Literature for Composition: Essays, Stories, Poems, and Plays (9th Edition) by Longman
The new edition of Barnet's Literature for Composition continues to offer superior coverage of reading, writing, and arguing about literature and a deep anthology of readings presented in Sylvan Barnet’s signature accessible style.  A new chapter one gives students a crash course on writing... Priced at around US$110.00 only.

Creating Meaning through Literature and the Arts: Arts Integration for Classroom Teachers (4th Edition) by Pearson
The new edition of this best-selling text on arts-based teaching redefines literacy in light of the 21st century need for multiple literacies. Creating Meaning through Literature and the Arts: An Integration Handbook for Teachers, 4th Edition provides teachers with an Arts Integration Blueprint,... Priced at around US$110.40 only.

The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Package 1: Volumes A and B by Nina Baym
Firmly grounded in the core strengths that have made it the best-selling undergraduate survey in the field, The Norton Anthology of American Literature has been revitalized in this Seventh Edition through the collaboration between three new period editors and five seasoned ones. Under Nina Baym’s...

Literature for Life by Longman
Literature for Life: A Thematic Introduction to Reading and Writing  as both its title and content suggests, forges a close relationship between students’ reading and life experiences—the texts used are accessible, grounded, relatable, and meaningful.  There’s enough range to suit... Priced at around US$97.20 only.

Literature: A Pocket Anthology (Penguin Academics Series) (5th Edition) by Longman
A refreshing alternative to voluminous literature anthologies, this compact, inexpensive, and diverse collection of fiction, poetry, and drama provides a concise yet complete introduction to the study of literature.  New selections include:   Short story authors new to this collection include... Priced at around US$57.20 only.

Charlotte Huck's Children's Literature: A Brief Guide by McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages
Now in its 2nd edition, Charlotte Huck’s Children’s Literature: A Brief Guide provides essential information for designing pre-K-to-8 literature programs. Expertly designed in a vibrant, full-color format, this streamlined text has a strong emphasis on researching, evaluating, and implementing...

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